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Tuesday, Jul 07.

Dear Sagittarius, your greatest asset is you analytical mind. You are able to take a tangle of information and sieve out the facts that are pertinent to the issue at hand, file away what may be of use at a later date, and discard the useless and spurious date. This ability allows you to cut to the essence of both the problems and the solutions. Your weakness is that you tend to approach people in the same way… You need to work hard on your people-skills! As brilliant an analyst as you are, you don’t work alone, you are part of a team. Learn to be a lot more accessible, friendly and less reductionist in your dealings with your colleagues. You are respected and admired, but it’s hard to be liked if you don’t ever smile!

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Member said about
Psychic Zubi

she's ACE!!!katie, Uk

awesome reader dunno what i would do without her, really helps you clarify things and excellent rate.thank you, run

she was very detailed and a fast typer. she was amazing and I would definitely go back to herZ, PA

she was stunning, i loved her reading.. gave me great insight.alicia , los angeles