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Saturday, Apr 26.

Dear Sagittarius, have you been struggling in the past few days to make choices between things that are extremely important to you regarding your career? You may feel confused about what you want now and you may decide to leave your job or you may decide to leave a business relationship that no longer suits you. You will be pressured to do the right thing and whatever you choose to do under this influence will be a good decision that you won’t regret. You may choose to end something that is just not working for you. This can only be a good thing as you can only welcome good things if you have cleared the negative things out of your space.
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Member said about
Van Zen

I love her updates. Makes me feel special! Robin, hawthorne

wow.... is all I can say... so detailed and answered every question. Had a specific date for every prediction. look forward to these predictions coming true. 5 starsmini, usa

Amazing reading, thank you!Tiffany, Detroit

Intutive, highly recommendB, SFO