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Thursday, Apr 17.

Dear Sagittarius you are in for a very positive day on the career front. You will most likely be able to achieve most or even all of the goals you have set and have been given for this day. Intellectually this is also a very positive day as every project or assignment you will be involved in will be challenging. As you are especially eager to learn today overcoming them will definitely not be a problem. These jobs will most likely need a great deal of research from you and you will probably have to spend some time on the internet. Also, you are very creative but down to earth and rational and this will bring you great success so don’t let other people influence what you feel and what you think about yourself.
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Member said about
PsychicJohnG Sutton

I love him! He's amazing! Smooth as butter, hard as steel.Joey Allen, Canoga Park

John is by far the best on Oranum... He is very accurate and I will always be back to him again and again.... xoxoVenusInLove, USA

Great, awesome, so many answers and great details into everything. John just dives right in and he is very accurate. Great reading, thank you!Jennifer, Kuwait

Always so motivatingphilly, philly