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Saturday, Sep 05.

Today you will be dedicating yourself to exactly the same type of work you do every other day of the week. Wait…Isn’t it the week end? And you ARE out of the office…But you have committed yourself to doing pro bono work for your local community center, placing your formidable ability and skills at the disposal of those who need them most. You may be a lawyer, or a doctor, a nurse or a councilor or an accountant, and your specialized services are out of most of your week-end client’s pay-grade. Others might think this is too tiring: a seven day week is what it is, after all, but you love it. It may be a bus-driver’s week end, but for you this is where your true vocation lies!

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very accurateFouzi Nabet, Widnes

Amazing reading!!! He is superb!!!Clarity, Earth

goodangela, ny

great readingMelissa , Orlando