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Thursday, Nov 26.

Today Saturn, in your sign, will be squaring idealistic and evasive Neptune. When Neptune is being stressed like this by Saturn, being forced to take a look at reality instead of sweeping it under the carpet, it can bring up a lot of denial and anxiety. Saturn is trying to make you look to the future and start new projects, taking a new role of leadership. You will feel like holding back, but if you go really deep to face your insecurities, if you work through them, you will become stronger. This process will last through most of next year. With Mars now in your eleventh house, you may get the support you need from a group of people, a collaboration to be able to move forward and achieve your long range goals, even though you may be feeling anxious and fearful. Other people will be there for you and it may even be required of you to take the lead.

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Gifted Kira

She is awesome was able to tell me the situation around my questions!Ashley, Canada

Excellent reading!! Thank you once again!Dignity, Sydney

Very perceptive and read my situation so well. I highly recommend Kira as a skilled, sensitive and gifted reader on Oranum! Her rates well great too.Wayne Wright, Knoxville Tn

Thank you for the detailed reading.d2k1000, san diego