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The Mayan Horoscope is very mystical, earthy and it has a sprinkle of heaven on each one of its zodiacs' signs, because for the Mayans the connection between heaven and earth was the most important element to have a good life. They paid a lot of attention to all the signs.The Mayans were always watching the plants, nature´s phenomenas, animals’ behavior and even humans illnesses. This way they knew what the stars were telling them, what to do and what path they have to follow. They worshiped the animals so much, reason why they used the names of their most sacred ones in their zodiac signs, it was a way of telling their Gods how much they fear them and honor them. This culture has a lot of prophets, shamans, warlocks and healers.

People through ages had been reading about this magical culture and been paying visits to their incredible pyramids, trying to be in contact with them and learn about their wisdom. Are you ready to explore the Mayan culture and get very deep into their astrology, are you?

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Find out what is your Maya Horoscope sign:


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Spiritual Man

connected well. i will wait for predictions to pass .. defo recommendgez, eire

200% accurate!! Won't let you down. Amazing advice got everything right, helpful and remembered my name weeks later!!! This is not first reading but 3rd or 4th. Will keep coming back. He really cares and really wants to help. Helped me to keep my relationship and from doing dumb things. Thank you!!!Quest, Dallas

Very positive and insightful. Encouraging and helpful. I would recommend him to anyone. Bebe, Philly

You have gave me the courage to speak to someone, I haven't spoke to in a long time. I still won't do it. I wish you the best, even tho you spoke to me in short time, you answered questions quick. I hope that what you have told me can make my life change for the better !Manny, NJ USA