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Keh - Deer

For year 2016

This year like every single year is going to be like the wheel of fortune, sometimes you are going to be on top, sometimes at the middle and sometimes down, nothing to worry about but, if you do not want to reach the ground, help yourself in a very spiritual way because you sure deserve to be a total winner this year. This 2016 is going to have a Black Moon and a Blue Moon but, there will be none Red Moons at all. There are going to be Eclipses; 1 total Sun Eclipse, an Annular Sun Eclipse and 2 Penumbral Moon Eclipses. Because this is going to be a Leap year, each one of the Seasons are going to bring you very good and magical things so, do not forget to honor and worship the Solstices also the Equinoxes. Both the Sun and the Moon are going to be visiting each single month the 12 houses of the Zodiac, do not forget that also the Planets love to visit the Constellations and the Zodiac signs. 2016 is going to be a Leap year this, because month 2nd, February gained 1 day in 4 years and of course this year is going to bring Full Moons, Waxing Moons, Waning Moons, New Moons, Auroras-Twilights, the Moon in its Apogee and its Perigee. It is going to be a must to make rituals or at least a meditation on every phase of the Moon mostly, the New and the Full ones because, this Leap year Moons are going to be different also, there are going to be Comets on each single month so, you will be able to make a wish, the same as with the several Meteors Showers that are going to be happening. This 1st Season of the year is going to mark the rest of the year because, the things and opportunities that you are going to have will show you how the rest of the year is going to be. Try to dare a little bit more and wrap yourself with new projects of life. It is going to be a must to be both a social butterfly and at the same time a professional person so, be sure to focus in these 2 areas. Autumn, this sure is going to be a fantastic Season for your personal growth so, erase all negative things and keep going. It is going to be very wise of you to learn about ancient civilization, learn from their magic to their culinary arts and if you are wise enough this can even give you good earnings.

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Member said about
RockPsychic Rocks YOU

WONDERFUL THAT SHE IS BACK! Great insightful reading.......jen, berlin

for honest and on point thanks for your helphopeful, va

I had an amazing and accurate reading. Amazing!Steve8134230, -

she is lovely. very positive and very encouraging. and look forward to healing. xAwakenningbloom, cape town