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Dzec - Scorpion

For year 2016

This year, your features are going to be the magnet that will attract fortune in all ways, shapes and forms. The right time to show your talent to the world also to think on travelling a little bit. This 2016 is going to have a Black Moon and a Blue Moon but, there will be none Red Moons at all. There are going to be Eclipses; 1 total Sun Eclipse, an Annular Sun Eclipse and 2 Penumbral Moon Eclipses. Because this is going to be a Leap year, each one of the Seasons are going to bring you very good and magical things so, do not forget to honor and worship the Solstices also the Equinoxes. Both the Sun and the Moon are going to be visiting each single month the 12 houses of the Zodiac, do not forget that also the Planets love to visit the Constellations and the Zodiac signs. 2016 is going to be a Leap year this, because month 2nd, February gained 1 day in 4 years and of course this year is going to bring Full Moons, Waxing Moons, Waning Moons, New Moons, Auroras-Twilights, the Moon in its Apogee and its Perigee. It is going to be a must to make rituals or at least a meditation on every phase of the Moon mostly, the New and the Full ones because, this Leap year Moons are going to be different also, there are going to be Comets on each single month so, you will be able to make a wish, the same as with the several Meteors Showers that are going to be happening. Both your body and mind are your home so, give them maintenance meaning, that you will have to take your vitamins and supplements and more. Gold and golden are going to be your colors during this first Season of the year also, during Winter, you will have new illusions and hope will be in your heart and mind the entire 3 months. Be sure to learn more about the Eclipse that will happen during this Season, you might learn about some rituals that can really help you to bring mother abundance into your life. Summer, center yourself the more you can because that is the only way you will survive during this Season plus it will help you to give balance to the imbalance that you have in your health and eating habits. Autumn, violence it is not going to be allowed in this colored Season so, be sure to discuss to talk about everything before you act.

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Purushottam Upmanyu

thanks! great! will see what happen!c, usa


Really great.Christina, ,

amazing readermaria, salzburg