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The Oriental Zodiac is based on the lunar cycle. Developed 4,649 years ago, this system has been used for millennia! With 12 animals and 5 elements a 60 year repeating cycle is produced. This ancient system provides detailed information on all aspects of life including your personality.As with the cycles of the moon, the four cycles of a year hold significance. Whether it is summer, fall, winter or spring, the season’s influence can always be felt from a lunar chart. The cross-correlations can get very detailed and, in fact the Chinese calendar, properly created, indicates all the do’s and don’ts for each day of the year. An in-depth chart can be detailed down to the most favorable hours of each day.

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LEOMOON patricia

Good readingLisa, San Jose

She was fabulous.Lisa Anani, San Jose, CA

Excellentgregg, NY

Pretty good reading! Especially since most of it was what I had hoped to hear. LolCATLADY, CA