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For year 2016

Friends & Family

Snake, the year of 2016 is predicted to be one of the best years that you have experienced in a long time. Chinese wisdom suggests that you follow through with a dream journal and a spiritual journal, that these two journals can help you tap into the inner Snake, which will help your interactions with friends and family. Some individuals look up to you, Snake, and feel you are an amazing Chinese horoscope sign. Some individuals, however, feel threatened or jealous about you. Your instincts will pick up that negativity and instantly you want to fix it, which only makes it worse, for the picky person who is quite persnickety is not easy to sway into your direction.

The best action this year with friends and family is to remember that those who want to be your friend won't mind how you are or what you do; those who mind don't care, and those who don't mind don't care. Freedom to be yourself is what it is all about this year. It is important to be free to be yourself, no matter what others think or do not think. Many individuals will embrace you and others will be standoffish. No matter how they respond, it is not wise to change yourself to fit the mold of the others. World, the Snake is slithering along powerfully with confidence in 2016 - be ready. Snake, enjoy a year within which problems get solved within friend and family relationships and new opportunities are offered to you because of your flexible attitude.

Appreciate your friends. Love them and be there through trials this year. Chinese wisdom says to choose your friends who you feel are better than yourself.

Ancient Chinese proverb:
Better to drink the weak tea of a friend than the sweet wine of an enemy.

Money & Finance

Snake, it is as if every idea you have turns into a newer idea that grows into success. Your money and financial section of your life in 2016 is predicted to bring you higher than you have been last year. You have many visions for your future, which is good, but your visions are more than dreams. They create the blueprint of your directions to your overall destination. There may be times where you feel you may not make it through, but Chinese wisdom says to hang on and not give up, for when it feels the hardest, that is when you are right around the corner from your victory. You have a specific call and a specific vision when it comes to money, and Snake, if anyone can achieve this high goal, it is you.

Partner up with someone who will help you to remain on the path and who will lift you up when you feel weak. This Chinese horoscope sign is the Ox. The Ox and the Snake have a supernatural way to achieve amazing feats together. Oxen and Snakes go together well when it comes to money, but they also blend well with relationships. Dragons and other Snakes are also good partners for you, Snake, in regards to money and finance. Let them assist you.

Whoever you choose to partner up with, allow them to see your vision, so that they will feel as if they are stepping into it, and then that is when finances will start to flow so much stronger. Snakes can expect this year to be financially positive. Inspiration ignites the positive muse of the Snake. Remember, this is the year of the Red Fire Monkey, which brings a boost of luck and progress to the Snake's energy, anyway. Take advantage of the energy. Relax, examine your plans before zooming ahead. Meditate, pray, do yoga, talk a walk, or just lay comfortably and roll the idea around inside of your mind. Either way that you choose to go over it, tap into the thoughts of the inner Snake to gain the truth and the balance needed to accomplish your goals.

If anyone can succeed, it is you. 2016 is going to be an epic year for you financially. If anyone tells you otherwise they do not need to be within your circle of friends and family this year. You need only positive, upbeat, loving, compassionate, and supportive individuals with you at this time. Snake, all looks good for you with money this year. Do something based on faith instead of doing nothing based on fear.

Love Matches

Chinese wisdom can help any individual to understand the love compatibility of their own horoscope sign. For example, Chinese wisdom says that those animals that are four signs to the right or to the left are compatible and good signs, but animal signs that are six positions to the left or to the right have negative compatibility behaviors, keeping the relationship from succeeding.

The Snake is a seductive and passionate Chinese horoscope sign that (according to position) is a good match with the Ox and with the Rooster. Ancient Chinese wisdom states that the very best match in the entire Chinese lineup is the one with the Snake and the Ox. These two have amazing compatibility and are well-balanced with each other. Snakes should choose the Ox when considering a love match, before trying out other Chinese horoscope signs. However, knowing the Snake and its thirst for adventure and knowledge, it will try other Chinese horoscope signs in 2016, to test the Snake-Ox theory. Below you will find the outcome and hopefully it can save some time before getting caught up in the search, Snake.

2016 Love Matches for Snake

Best Matches: Ox, Rooster
Good Match: Dragon, Snake, Monkey, Dog
Fair Match: Rabbit
Negative Matches: Pig, Tiger


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Good readersuman, uk

wow what a nice reader. He is very enthusiastic, very helpful and kind. He gave me so much wisdom!!!!! Thank you!!!!!Chiara, Negombo

Has given me confidence to continue with route i am on - even though i am unsure of it - and a time frame to go with. Commented on my temperament at this time which is correct, and he was also correct in career success which i know can be there if i continue. First time with reader,so just need to see how it all unfolds.J, UK

He is a good person, will answer a lot of your questions and doubts, provide a lot of clarity which is what I needed. I will come to him again as he answered a lot of my questions and seemed accurate and caring.Faith, earth