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October 2015

This is a month of serious change for you, Snake, so make sure that you are ready for what is coming your way and that you can take advantage of every opportunity thrown at you. There are some challenges that have been hitting you recently and causing you to have to rethink your goals. The problem is, your goals where never bad, in fact your ideas are great, it is was the timing that was not ready for you yet. The timing all hits in this month and you are able to create opportunities that have sat stagnant for far too long. This month means putting together the right team of people to see it through and make sure that you have what your dreams have been leading you to.


Recently you have come across some great news that has made you feel better about where you are, giving you a better outlook for where you are going. This is the time for you to start building up some major momentum to carry you through the month. October carries great energy for you as the leaves start to transform, so prepare to start making some changes yourself. You have placed value in the right areas, now is the time for you to strike to get the most out of them. There is nothing wrong with you desiring to have more in your life and more is what you shall have if you continue to follow through with your path.


This is the time for you to really pour on the love for your partner, Snake, they have been showing you that they can be trusted. Trust is something that takes a lot of effort and time, there is a history behind you that makes it hard to happen. Once you know that you can trust, it is imperative that you give yourself over to that trust and move forward with confidence. Your partner wants your success and they are willing to help you in anyway that they can. Continue to give them the cues that you are ready and then get moving forward with them so that you can have everything you have ever desired.


October is the month that you can make happen whatever you desire, Snake. It is important that you put your thoughts into the right frame of mind so that you can accomplish the most good for you. Your career and love life are waiting for you to take ownership of them and now you have the news about your health that has opened them up for you. Do not hesitate to take what you desire, the truth is that they desire you back in return. The quicker that you get yourself involved in these goals, the better that you will feel before the month is out again. Make your dreams.
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Member said about
MysticDoctor Love Psychic

thank you for all your support and reading in the past few months. All your prediction have come true and u have never been wrong. You are the best reader here and i will forever take ur guidance. God bless u my dearest friend. lots of loveraindrops12a, -

greater reading, honest, no tools, he is a doctor of love just like he says. great reader, usa

great reading,honesty, fast insight. great reader, usa

Wow! I was blown away by MysticDoctor! He is the #1! He is very professional, calm, and gives very detailed readings. Really gives lots of time and attention to thoroughly explain his reading. to you. I was blown away -- he is great! justme0234, Houston