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September 2014

Snake – 蛇 (巳) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Fire) - Reliance on your instincts is preferred to accepting advice. You absorb experiences, positive and negative, and use the results to formulate expectations for future outcomes. Being a shrewd observer, you move people into place to achieve your goals. Unwittingly or volunteered it does not matter; they participate if you set them in place. Hanging back, waiting to see how circumstances develop is your hallmark. Look before you leap was written about Snake. When the time is right to strike, you never hesitate. Inaction is not your weakness. Being so self-assured can be, at times. Temper your confidence with humility.

Love and Relationships
The month shows for single Snake, making a connection is still a challenge and married Snake, should be thankful for their partner. Lightening the mood helps with the status of your relationship. There has been too much intensity of late. Your partner appreciates the opportunity to exhale. The challenge this month is accepting that there is no science to love. There is no equation that can be solved to determine the perfect fit. Married Snake tried to find the solution, but wound up going with gut instinct. That gut instinct was love. Take some chances this month. Be more engaged in the relationship.

Finance and Career
The month suggests it is time to move from allowing plans move forward to actively engaging in getting it done. Judicious action gives you the ability to reach for a goal you set. Remember, you have the skills. You are talented. You have to be willing to act. Trust in your instincts allows you to manipulate circumstance. That same trust should enable you to become the positive force in your career. A financial stumble looms toward the end of the month. Investments you launched show signs of faltering. Assess the issue and make a quick decision on whether riding it out makes sense.

Luck and Outcomes
Overall, the month bodes well Snake. You have discerned no pattern in outcomes month to month this year. This month is no exception. Force the issue by enhancing your luck. Add some red to your outfit to attract additional fortune. Keep a close eye for appearances of the number two. Each time it appears offers opportunity to capture additional blessed outcome. Keeping a watchful eye on situations affords you security. This month, spend more time reviewing the circumstance before acting, if there are any concerns. You enjoy a bountiful month.
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Member said about
Cosmic Sister

expensive. uses pendulum. will see how it works out. first time. Thanks!!Di, ca

Very accurate..E, E

WOWWWWW...she can see everything...amazingtasha_j, Europe

it was good for the time I had I got a lot of answers. Audrey Joy, somewhere in Maine