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December 2014

Snake – 蛇 (巳) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Fire) - This is a stellar month for you, Snake. Plans you have begun reach the point of completion. All that is required is for you to guide them safely home. Trust your instincts, especially this month. Things you encounter may seem beneficial on the surface, but do not show doubt if you believe otherwise. Be steadfast in your commitments. Friends and family alike expect your nobility to shine through. You keep your inner circle close to be sure they can lend a hand if needed. You always return the favor. A shrewd business sense provides good insights when it comes to career choices. Avoid taking risks.

Love and Relationships
The month starts with a quest to rekindle a lost love. Sweet words may woo your quarry, but you have to realize you cannot recreate the past. Move forward to find real happiness from romance. If partnered, focus energy on difficult conversations. Decisions need to be made for you both to clear the air. Reduce tension by setting the stage beforehand. Family relations are stable this month. You have not had a quarrel recently and survived the past holiday without issue. Do not second guess the outcome. It is better to accept peace when it appears than to spend time analyzing the cause, Snake.

Finance and Career
When it comes to your career, honesty is the best policy this month. Stay true to yourself. If you feel the need to say no, you should have the power to do so. It is not good to sacrifice your position for the sake of your career. Challenge expectations by showing your capacity to work with others. You tend to seek projects that isolate. Look for collaborative efforts to impress management. Finances are sound yet again. Your budget is crystal clear and you have held to the constructs you devised. Treat yourself to an indulgent purchase. The savings you held onto can pay for it without concern.

Luck and Outcomes
In all you expect an exceptional month. Do not allow negative people to get in the way of progress. It serves you better when you move forward with an open mind. Take time to invest in your health. You only have one body. Take better care of it to live a happier life. Luck follows in this month of bounty. Multiply the fortune with light yellow splashes in your wardrobe. Southwest breezes bring invigorating energy to replenish your stores. Pay attention to their arrival. You pass an orchid along the street. Stop in and make the purchase. The luck it brings is worth the effort.
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she is goodloveanddlight, london uk

wonderful, absolutely accurate! thank you soo much!kindandtruth, orlando fl

good Nisha, wa

Accurateloveanddlight, London uk