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April 2015

Welcome to the month of April, 2015, in the year of the gregarious Goat. Snakes can expect an excellent month, especially for romance and money. Social situations, however, may not appeal to many Snakes this month, making them seem almost introverted. However, the Snake just needs moments now and then to be alone and to bask in the warmth of a quiet nest in solitude. Snakes who are incessantly interrupted with tasks or talk when they simply want to rest in the sun could strike rather quickly to a misunderstanding individual who does not know the Snake's nature. Snakes, two keys to success in April are patience and communication. Follow Chinese wisdom and think thoughts through before revealing them to others.


There will be times this April when Snakes will want friends around as if in celebration. There will be other times when Snakes simply want quietude and to be left alone. It is important for Snakes to convey their desires to their friends instead of expecting the friends to simply "get it" or understand. As a Snake, not everyone can read the body language or understand what lies beneath the charming personality. A Snake can still be alluring on the outside when they really want someone to leave their presence, on the inside.


Good news! Finances finally begin to thrive for the Snakes this month. Snakes feel lucky and almost as if everything they touch transforms into something magical. As if Snakes were creating something out of nothing, they will discover a welcomed respite from the usual financial woes they have been experiencing lately. Look for an unexpected turn of events at the work/school/or career area. Snakes are entrepreneurs who enjoy being in control of their own schedule and their own futures. Looking for a job, Snake? Begin a new business. Think outside of the box for clear direction. Something good is right around the corner.


Many Snakes will experience growth and harmony within romantic relationships this month. The key to successful relationships, seductive Snake, is to be open and honest. Snakes have a tendency to embellish a little when describing something experienced or felt. Just be you, Snake. The world will adapt. Follow Chinese wisdom concerning love matches for you.

Snake & Ox: The BEST combination
Snake & Snake: Great connection
Snake & Monkey: Good match
Snake & Rooster: Charming match
Snake & Dog: Wonderful connection
Snake & Goat: Fair combination

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Member said about
Adviser Powerwithin

If you have not experienced this reader's wisdom, light, love, and accuracy for yourself, you must! He is the best, he truly tells you what you need to hear with love and compassion. Can't say enough great things about powerwithin, he is a blessing to Oranum and all of their members!atlantis111, Ohio

I think the Power is the most real and reliable advisor on Oranum. I have a lot of faith in him and you can trust him. He tells the truth! LOVE HIM THE MOSTEST!Abigail, Martindez, CA

simply amazingJanice, maryland

Thank you for your amazing insight and help! Powerwithin is a great adviser.Great reading!, VA