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February 2015

Welcome to the month of February, 2015, in the year of the Goat. Snakes are inventive and intuitive this month, and are ready for some positive changes. Change is what this month is focused on, as Snakes around the globe are preparing to shed the skin of the old to prepare for a new beginning. Relationships, finances, and career opportunities shift into a more profitable position. Many Snakes are changing their locations, either at home or at the work place. Ancient Chinese wisdom says that a wise man embraces that which he cannot change, for change is proof that life abounds. Without change, life cannot exist. Avoid dreading change or trying to stop it, for change is to be welcomed.

The Snakes that go with the flow this month will profit the most from the new experiences. It is time to look forward into this year and to avoid looking back into the past. The past may have lessons that were learned or experiences to remember, but all in all, when the past calls, do not answer; it has nothing new to say. The newness and fresh air can only be found in the string of tomorrows that are lined up like pearls for the enjoyment of the Snake.

Take care of the home front and those within it this month. Individuals need your guidance, your creativity and your intuition as some relationships may experience some rocky patches. Snakes are great leaders and can guide others with a sense of discernment. The keen intuition of the Snakes, as well as their sharp minds, make them the perfect Chinese horoscope creatures to offer assistance, council, and compassion.

Snakes that receive opposition from those they are trying to help should remain silent this month. Not everyone welcomes the guidance of a Snake, and some individuals will be completely against receiving insight. Foolish as it may be, some individuals feel threatened and jealous of the Snake classification, and may even do the opposite of what a Snake suggests in a situation, just to prove the point that they are not going to fall under the authority of the Snake who holds the sixth position within the Chinese horoscope lineup. An ancient Chinese proverb says to speak when it is not welcomed is foolish, for a wise man remains quiet to give room to the one who is taking a test.

As a teacher and a leader within the world, Snakes sometimes must step back and let someone learn, make a mistake, pass or fail a test on their own. Chinese proverb says that the teacher cannot be present when a student is tested.
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Member said about
numerologist Ed Peterson

quick and to the point.....recommended!agablue, ostad


thanks for the advicejay, hamilton

He was excellentGZRNYC, NYC