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July 2014

Often you will have doubts in your own abilities that will affect your performance at your job, Snake. This is something that you need to learn to look past and understand that you are one of the strongest personalities in the line-up. This is not anything to look upon as being negative, in fact, this is an exercise that will help you move ahead with more strength than you have ever shown. Your own doubt is your worst enemy, Snake, do not give in to your own feelings on this, instead continue to press ahead and focus less on the details.


This is a time when things are really moving at work. Now, more than ever, you want to make sure that you are being accurate with the things you are doing. There is nothing worse than doing a job wrong the first time and having to go back again to do it all over again. You are a great tutor and one that can help others to solve problems that they cannot seem to figure out on their own. Remember that you have a very strong intuition and it is something that can affect your career for good or bad, depending on how you use it. Keep in mind that you forge your own destiny everyday and that the gifts you possess are there for a very specific reason.


You happen to be one of the most passionate when it comes to relationships, Snake. This is not something that you need to not ignore, Snake, it literally can mean the difference in staying in your relationship or not. Ultimately you are in control of what you do with you life, just make sure it is doing something that you love doing. There is no better way to make that happen than by making sure that your relationship is where it really need to be as well. Things can change in a heartbeat, if you are not spending the right amount of time on what is really important to you here.


This month would be a great time for some inward thinking. Also, your intuition will be extremely high, something that can really affect the decisions that you make throughout your life. This is something that you should use for the benefit of others as well, Snake. Many people are out there walking through life with out a real direction, you are able to give them that lift . Your potential strong within you, Snake, and you can get things done much easier than you had originally expected. Slide around any obstacles before they really have a chance to get in your way. This month really can slingshot you into the future with very little to get in your way as you are trying to push ahead with life.
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Member said about

Glad I came to see Sensei today I am dealing with a lot just now but he has helped me to feel more relaxed. He has such a nice way about him very caring. Lyn , Scotland

Awesome.Patricia, NYC

Great reading very very accurateNusta, Denver

Thank you for helping me to get the balance.ponnvalli, b.sund