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August 2014

Snake – 蛇 (巳) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Fire) - Analysis of situations defines your primary personality. You approach any obstacle with caution, typically avoiding hazards. Analysis leads to detailed planning to assure success. Being high performing grants you opportunities otherwise unavailable. Your capacity for analysis has become so refined, you are able to use intuition to discern the proper alternative. Never breaking from this tendency, even relationships are subject to scrutiny in a similar manner. Subtle manipulation of those around you enables delegation without appearing brusque.

Love and Relationships

As a private person, you maintain a select group of close friends. There are specific requirements for one to enter into a devoted relationship with Snake. This month bodes well for romance. Married Snake finds her relationship deepening. Your partner continues to show remarkable skill at keeping up with your constant desire for growth. He also has massive ambition, nearly equal to yours. The combination you find very arousing. The fires remain stoked. Single Snake finds herself in a cycle of seduction. The analysis process has yet to yield a suitable partner long term, so you continue looking for new candidates. The right one will be there this month.

Finance and Career

The month starts slowly for Snake at work. Multiple projects assigned hold little favor, creating boredom. Choosing a new position has garnered interest but it would be safer on finance to not change jobs. You are due for a raise in your current firm. Moving to a different company would derail plans for vacation, based on the missed raise. An emergency at home creates an expenditure you had not counted upon. Contingency funds are insufficient at this time and creates a foul mood. A new revenue stream is found toward the end of the month that will not interrupt your current employ, but will enhance your financial position.

Luck and Outcomes

Meditation this month should be done facing southwest for auspicious spirit. The energy you gain will enable you to keep calm when cooler tempers are required. Your Fire center becomes readily inflamed causing stress. Your tendency to get stressed will cause you illness this month, if left unchecked. White presents an omen of bad luck this month. Avoid clothing that is predominately white to keep negative energy at bay. The orchid can be kept close as a counter to the negative potentials.
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Member said about

great always!!!amedley, oceanside

I love having readings with her she is sooo positive and all her predictions has came true thus far. I jus love her!!!amedley, oceanside

she is the best!Jannat, DC

She is amazing and her insights come true...and she has been right many tomes for me! heather, philly