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August 2015

Welcome to the month of August, 2015, in the year of the grand Goat. Snakes are often good partners for Goats, especially when it comes to co-working condition or to accomplish any mutual goal. Snake, the slyness of your personality naturally makes it a bit difficult for others to trust. The Snakes may have to work a bit harder this month to convince others of the seriousness and the dedication that is being felt. Snakes are ready to work hard and make things happen in their lives. They are going to be on the move this August, and nothing will stop them from achieving their goals.


The key to reaching short term goal is to realize that they do have deadlines and that doors of opportunity to not open every day. Snakes need to be prepared to grab the moment within situations in order to start climbing any ladder to get to the destination. Destination is important when considering goals, but Snakes often pay more attention to the journey or the route that is taken toward the goal than the goal, itself. If it is not a huge goal with a big payoff, the Snake won't be that interested. However, Snakes should adhere to Chinese wisdom which reminds all Chinese horoscope signs that anything huge can come out of a small beginning. Even a journey of a thousand miles starts off with one small step.


Long term goals should be handled differently by Snake folk. It is wise to write all goals and plans down in order to retrieve them from the mind (the world of the invisible) and to put them down on paper (in the world of the visible) so the brain can see that they exist in the real world, too. Using the example of living in a house on a beach, the brain will not recognize the difference if the house on the beach really exists or if it is simply written down. When long term goals are written down, the brain takes a snap shot and remembers it and naturally, through the law of return and the law of sowing and reaping, that long term goal will tart being accessed within the universe. Do not be afraid to think BIG or to dream BIG. Whatever you put out will return, so make it count, Snakes.


Snakes are good at juggling many tasks at once, but they can't do everything at the same time all of the time. Snakes are also passionate individuals who love to love. Snakes are simply not happy if there is not a relationship going on. Choosing a good partner to understand the Snake nature is vital. Who is the best horoscope sign to team up with? The Ox is the one.
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Member said about

She is always so correct in her readings, and direction .. You cannot go wrong with her advice. She is warm and caring but directSusan, Ponchatoula

An astrologer, who is pretty good, I have to say, but it takes some time before she gets started, so I would reccomend that you have quite a lot of credits. If you dont, the session will be short lived.Hubbelman, Oslo


Great details in the reading so informative !! Very good at what she doesamy, IE