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May 2015

Welcome to the month of May, 2015, in the year of the beloved Goat. Many Snakes will enjoy the transitions this month, for changes are going on within the Snake's pit. As the Snake sheds it's skin, so does the life path shift. Snakes will be receiving blessings and benefits for the positive actions and attitudes that are now coming back around. What is done comes back, like the ebb and tide, and if anyone knows how to put good into a situation and receive good in return, it is the seductive Snake. Even though there will be many blessings for Snakes this month, there will be challenges and new discoveries, as well. Not everything will be easy.

Love and Relationships

Many Snakes will feel cheerful within relationships that involve romantic love. Everything seems to go as planned, with the keys to success being communication and patience. For the best love relationship combination, seek an Ox, another Snake, or a Dragon. The Ox and the Snake are the best love connections within the entire Chinese horoscope lineup. Family relationships that have been difficult will experience a reprieve this month, making things easier for the slick Snake who doesn't miss a beat when it comes to noticing mistakes others make or lies told. Snakes are incredibly intuitive and will go with their gut instincts every time, which is one reason why Snakes are usually so lucky in love and are surrounded by friends. Friendships and relationships with co-workers will feel a bit complicated this month, but the key to success here is to listen. Most individuals do not expect the Snake to solve the problems; they simply want to know they are heard. Take your time with people this May, Snake, and recognize how often you are the glue that holds people together. Remain confident.

Finance and Career

Many Snakes can expect to experience an amazing month for financial growth. New ideas and opportunities seem to arrive unexpectedly out of nowhere. However, the truth is that events have been leading up to financial success for the Snake for a long while. This month is where Snakes can say they feel improvement. Career decisions and financial choices seem clear cut to the Snakes this month, as they tap into their inner Snakes and discover new ways of handling things. Things are going so well that many Snakes will be tempted to spend it all in one place. Be wiling to give to those in need this month.

May Monthly Proverb

"A bit of fragrance clings to the hand that gives flowers."
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Excellent reader … this is the only person i trust in oranum… Devisri , New york

Thank you so much GU … I do feel this as accurate … Devisri , New york

Excellent reader . Always on point … Very accurate ..devisri, new york

she was on point !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!ucalatinlady, california