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January 2015

Snake, welcome to the intriguing month of January, 2015. As you slither through this month, you will have to adhere to a "take charge and get it done" attitude. Ancient Chinese wisdom describes the importance of having a destination in mind before attempting any challenge in any area of life. Without a direction, Chinese wisdom says victory cannot be achieved. You are a focused individual with a hard working mentality. This month may be less of a challenge for you if you remain focused on your goals and dreams.


Financial matters weigh on your mind this month, Snake, as you are one who does not like to take chances on anything. You enjoy a plan and you want to know you have all of the ducks in a row. After all, it is easier for swifter gobbling if everything is in order. You may have to work extra hard this month to achieve financial goals, but if you remain focused, you will be successful. Wood and Earth Snakes will receive cream of the crop bonuses for their hard work, but Fire, Metal, and Water Snakes will not have complaints, either, by the end of the month. Team up with one of your best friends, the strong Ox, to enjoy a doubled effort. The Ox and the Snake work well together in all financial and career-oriented endeavors. They make the absolute best partners in career and job areas, and they also make the best partners in love.


If you are a Snake lucky enough to curl up with a passionate Ox, you will enjoy a smooth January. However, if you are enjoying a relationship with one of the other Chinese horoscope creatures, the best relationship moments will be enjoyed through truth. Snakes often struggle with truthful elements. They want to please and want to be respected so much, that Snakes often stretch truth just a click. Sticking to the truth, no matter how good or bad is the key to success this month. Relationships will enjoy a closeness and a connection that will improve communication and trust. Do not betray that trust when fear tries to sneak in.

Single Snakes, you can expect a new love interest to enter your romantic quadrant this month. Chinese wisdom is predicting that a Goat may have something very intriguing going on this month and you may just want to be a part of the action. Look for long-term goals in a potential mate, Snake, and find one who has goals and dreams similar to yours in order to enjoy the best possible romantic connection. Look for laughter, also. This month, trust, relax, love, and laugh.
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Member said about

Always good and preciseTasha, sad

Confirmed a lot of things back to back. Gave me more hope for my situation. Fast, Caring, and Considerate.Rebel, Dublin

Mara connected really quick with my situation and was able to clearly see things from my past without asking any questions. Thank you for your recommendations for the futureHelen, Austin

Another amazing reading with Mara, she's terrific, accurate, funny, comforting, I love her readings !Annibelle, Brusselz