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November 2014

Snake – 蛇 (巳) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Fire) - Your materialistic nature gets you into hot water this month, Snake. The pursuit of bigger and more expensive items, to show your status, has many considering you superficial. Your circle of friends seems more critical of your lifestyle. Find a way to show them your graceful nature. Your Fire center suggests a warm demeanor. You cannot help it that you prefer the finer things in life. It is not in your nature to flaunt them. Shift the conversation away from your next purchase. Things will calm down. Your analytic nature offers suggestions on how to avoid the pitfalls moving forward.

Love and Relationships
You have some challenges with love this month. Married Snake, your partner is no longer under your spell. You have been too focused on work. Ignoring their needs has given them a wandering eye. Do not show jealousy. Recognize your fault in the matter and work to correct it. Single Snake discovers the dating scene atrocious. You might do well to take yourself off the market for an interlude. Focus on yourself before getting back on the scene. Friendships remain solid this month. An attempt to reconnect with an old friend does not work out. Do not blame yourself, some friendships do not sustain.

Finance and Career
Your career is definitely on the right track this month. You make all the right moves. Management is thrilled with your production. Associates see you as a leader. Coworkers admit your value immeasurable in the company. Now is the time to ask for that promotion. Do not limit yourself. With things going well in your career, there should be no surprise finances are soaring. You have managed your money well and this month dividends flow in. Foster some goodwill by showing philanthropy. There are several local charities in need. You do not have to donate much, every bit helps.

Luck and Outcomes
This will be a fantastic month for you overall. Take advantage of the favorable winds and strike out in new directions. Find a hobby that you can monetize. You may discover that part-time diversion has real income potential. The number nine indicates good fortune for you. Magnify the outcomes by including light yellow in your wardrobe this month. You never know when you will recognize the instance. High energy levels keep you motivated throughout the month. The power, though, wears on your thoughts. To refocus your thoughts, look for auspicious breezes from southeast. They clear away anxiety.
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Member said about

Great reading again... I came for an update and he has answered all my questions!!Ash, Orlando

nice man and good nany 14, amman

Thank you for the lovely reading. Definitely much needed on such a sleepless night for me. Very kind and uplifting and connected quickly. Hope to chat again soon.Jocelyn, Canada

He is the real deal... I love talking to him!!! ThanksAsh, Orlando