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Member said about
Lucky Psychic

wow i dont even know where to begin !! hes amazing and accurate as always!!! since day one whn he picked me for a demo :) fast, accurate and no bs. ty hun!! FIVE STARS ALL THE WAY AND HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!! WOOOOT WOOOT ;)disturbed86, Monrovia, CA

Straight to the point, very clear and sympathetic. Excellent. Lucky's linormand cards dialed right in on the situation at hand, and he was able to give me guidance and insight on what others needed from me or thought of me. Thank you!BD, FB

love the reading, especially the cards called linore, hopefully spelled it right lol, definitely will come back to Lucky again, #Teamlucky! shesdanii, valencia

I love luckypsychic!!!! He is a very good at what he does and is an awesome and fun person to talk to....he is very intuitive and provides so much very needed clarity...thank you so much for all your help...I appreciate you more than you know xxmissvika, kapolei, hi