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For year 2016

Friends & Family

Most Rats are successful when it comes to family and friends. They are wonderful communicators and conversationalists. Rats are witty, humorous, and they have spirit. A Rat is one of those friends or relatives that will always be "up for something" in the middle of the night, saying, "Well, why not?" This year, the Rat will be more clever and adventurous than the last several years. Rats will be drawn to Dragons, who also have that need to step out and explore. The key to success for the Rat this year is honesty and integrity.

Rats have been known to tell a few white lies here and there. No one holds it against the Rat, after all, isn't it expected? Many give the Rat room to act upon some taboos due to the position in the Chinese horoscope lineup. First in line. Imagine that title. It is definitely something to be proud of.

Relationships with family and friends will grow stronger this year. The Rat can expect an old friend or lover to pop back into the scene. Remain focused on the destination and path and avoid letting their negativity rub off. The character of the Rat when it comes to friends and family is also its best defense; the positive outlook on life in general. Rats can succeed through the most troublesome times within which other Chinese horoscope individuals would not make it so wisely.
Rat continues to hold strong in its den, interacting with the rest of the world on their own terms, and holding onto a sense of peace that perseveres all trials and tribulations.

Rats do worry about what others think, however, yet they are the one that everyone reaches out to for advice and comfort. The Rat's personality is loved by virtually everyone and sometimes cannot be resisted. Rats will tend to feel comfortable and perform their best when part of closely knit group; one where thoughts, emotions, and friendship are all readily exchanged, and communication is easy. Rats prefer to distance themselves from those who are too serious. Rat's inter-personal relationships are usually positive and they carry the Rat far in life, for the Rat feels once a friend, one is always a friend. Rat embraces bonds and communities and truly seeks out friendships.

Good sign capabilities are good for the Rat and the Ox or the Rat and the Dragon. However, the sign capabilities that are negative are the Rat and the Snake, Dog, or the Goat. With this year being the year of the Fire Monkey, Rat will strive for a positive friendship with the Monkey, who will most likely respond positively.

The Rat earns respect from others as it leads the lineup, and this year especially, the Rat will march firmly into the direction of his/her dreams.

Money & Finance


Rat, wealth and a positive financial position are not the same thing. The Monkey helps the Rat to focus on the elements that are most important in order to upgrade in life. Monkey also represents home and a foundation, or structure, which means this is a great year to invest in real estate, move to a more profitable home, or put money back for a rainy day considering real estate purchases in the future. Many Rats enjoy careers in owning restaurants and hotels (or both), so this is a great year to let the imagination fly.

Many Rats will switch careers this year. That decision may sound a bit frightening for most Rats, for Rats enjoy staying within the comfort zone. However, ancient Chinese wisdom says that which is outside of the comfort zone is that which is best, anyway. Elements outside of the comfort zone help the Rats to learn, grow, achieve, and to look deeper into the inner Rat.

Events to help the Rat create wealth will occur this year. It may seem, at first, as if the money drips in slowly, but give the year time to show that much can be accomplished a little at a time. Chinese wisdom teaches that a journey of a thousand miles begins with one single step. Take the first step and begin to build a financial foundation. Repeat. Then wealth will seem to arrive much more smoothly. Choose partners wisely, Rats, when teaming up with another for financial gain. Good candidates for you are the Snakes, the Oxen, the Horses, and Monkeys, and other Rats. Avoid making commitments with Tigers, Rabbits, or Pigs this year. The heart of the Rat will guide you.

Rats can expect a promotion, a job change, or a new job this year. Those who are considering different careers should go for it. Good luck goes with Rats through association from the Monkey. Rats will enjoy positive relationships from coworkers and will regain attention from those in authority. Chinese horoscope information suggests to the Rat that attention needs to be paid to detail and to keep using the Rat charm and vitality. If a Rat feels tired or off of the path, then it could change how others react at the workplace. Keep chin up and a confident attitude in order to stay under the radar of a moody upline individual who can't seem to get it together. Hang on and simply avoid reacting. One never knows when that individual may leave and you, Rat, may just be able to take the person's place. Since this is a year where anything can happen, especially with positive outcomes, why not take a chance? Do your best with the inner Rat in the lead.

For a stronger financial position, discover which Chinese horoscope sign that others are. For example: People born in the following years are Rats: 1912, 1924, 1936, 1948, 1960, 1972, 1984, 1996, and 2008.

Rats are yang and lucky. Recognizing the lucky information for the Rat is one key to success this year.
Lucky Numbers: 2, 3
Lucky Colors: gold, blue, green
Lucky Flowers: lily, African violet, lily of the valley
Lucky Directions: southeast, northeast

Love Matches

Rats are powerful and sensitive lovers. When it comes to love matches for the Rat in the year of the Monkey, 2016, situations really heat up for the Rat this year. Love follows the Rats lucky feet and the male Rat is gentle, kind, and compassionate with his lover. Male Rats are amazing lovers and best friends for the wives in a marriage, for they are truthful, faithful, and they work hard to make everything run smoothly. They take relationships seriously, which also makes them great fathers and superb listeners.

Female Rats in love are extremely romantic and they want to indulge themselves in ways that make their hearts soar. They seek spiritual love and yet they still love material gifts that show them physically how a male loves them within a relationship. They are just as serious in relationships as the male Rat, but they hope for perfection in a lover, which, of course, is impossible. The impossibility for the female Rat to find the perfect love match is disheartening to them, leaving them feeling hopeless and worried about ever finding love. Female Rats, give room for someone that loves you to make mistakes and grow. Work together to be equal and balanced. Remember, the more you give, the more you receive in return.

Rats first must have a trustworthy friendship before love can even be considered. They love to be treasured and love gifts. Female Rats love a lot of bling and enjoy being pampered. Male Rats love being treated like a king and enjoy a lot of attention. Loving a Rat can sometimes be a challenge, especially when the other individual is not a Rat. Consider the following love matches that are best (and worst) for Rats in 2016, the year of the Red Fire Monkey.

Dragons, Rabbits, and Oxen are the three best love matches for Rats. Each choice is loyal, honest, and straightforward. These three signs are able to listen well and offer positive advice on most subjects. These Chinese horoscope signs rely on their love and they know how to be supportive when the Rat needs extra strength. They are sincere, and all three need their own private space, which is just fine for the Rats.

Rats should avoid love matches with the Horses, the Goats, and the Roosters. These Chinese horoscope signs are not at all compatible with the Rat. The Rooster can complain a lot, blaming the Rat for mistakes, and the Horses want more freedom than the Rat wants to give. Goats could work out with the Rats if they would give and take more, but otherwise, these three matches simply are bad ideas for Rat love matches.

The following signs are not strong enough matches to set off fireworks with the first kiss, but they are not as bad as to make the Rats want to run into the other direction. Be cautious of the following love matches:
Rat and Tiger - Acceptable
Monkey, Pig, and Dog - Complementary
Snakes - Intimacy only (The Snake won't want more than intimacy with a Rat, so no commitment.)


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