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For year 2016

Friends & Family

Pig, you will be more assertive in your approach to friends and family in 2016. The key to your overall success is to be flexible. Chinese wisdom says to be flexible like grass that blows in a breeze, instead of being like an ancient oak tree that stands strong and firm. Being flexible can open your heart to new people in your life. You will be amazed at how strangers can be friends and friends can become family (either literally or like family). Many new people enter your life in 2016, as predicted by your Chinese horoscope, but you still may want to watch out for the Dragon who will want to steal the stage.

Pig, you enjoy being independent and making choices on your own, but this year, your Chinese horoscope suggests that you gain insight from at least three individuals who have gone down the path you are considering. Only through experience can one truly learn, so adhere to Chinese wisdom and hear what some experienced individuals have to say.

You will encourage many this year as the days sail along. The year will feel as if it is passing by you very fast, but that is because you will keep busy. Pigs sometimes prefer to take it slow and to think things clearly before making a decision. This year, however, the Pigs will present a quick wit and a busy presentation. Anything that the Pig wants to do in this lucky year of the Monkey will turn out right for the Pig. This does not mean everything will turn out in the way that the Pig wants it to, for sometimes what one thinks he/she wants is not at all what is needed. Trust that Lady Destiny plays her role in your journey this year, and that you will feel joyous and balanced along the way. As long as you include friends and family in many of your plans, you will see improvement in those relationships. There is no need to include them in every plan, for you will want some breathing room, but make a point to help them feel important in your life.

Some family members and friends are feeling left out and this year it would prove profitable for you to take them gently under your wings; especially the ones that are not that easy to deal with. This is a year for forgiveness and patience. Chinese wisdom says to just love 'em. No matter what their faults are or how they annoy you at times, be the bigger person and just love 'em. No one is perfect. This year in 2016, Pigs should take the high roads.

Money & Finance

Pigs should take extra time to speak with an appropriate financial adviser this year. The Monkey year of 2016 will bring its ups and downs to the Pig, who may not know exactly how to respond. Chinese wisdom says that it is not wise to make any decision determining your future, until after you speak with at least three Chinese horoscope elders who understand how you think, or who understand what your destination is this year.

Having a goal and a destination is the key to success financially. Many Pigs will decide to change careers this year, but many will wait and fight it out. Money and finances are expected to grow within this Monkey year, but it will require a serious approach, and dedicated focus, and a lot of work before reaping the fruits of your labor, Pig. On the same note, Pigs must take responsibility for any mistakes that were made in 2015, and let them go. Focusing on the past and what did not work will not help you now. Now it is the time to focus on the future and 2016 could be the first year where you feel you are finally growing toward your destination.

To help you step into your vision, Pig, avoid loans, especially from friends and family. Chinese wisdom says that if you want to start a war, borrow money from a friend or a family member. It surely will start trouble and throw you off your focus. Remember, you have the luck of the Monkey on your side, too, so follow the inner call of your inner Pig and know that you will make it, no matter what it takes.

Pigs are not Chinese horoscope signs that give up easily, but they do have their lazy moments, just as they have their energetic moments. Everyone has both of these, although some signs try to blame laziness on the Pig, alone. Pig, you know this is untrue, and you are not afraid to get your hands dirty. Determine your destination, make a plan, create your vision board, and then get started. You will be surprise how easy it is to see your dreams come true within the wonderful year of 2016.

Love Matches

Pigs are considered a bit lazy and not too smart, according to ancient Chinese wisdom. However, the truth is that the Pigs are straightforward, compassionate, quick thinkers, good planners, and Pigs do not desire harm to others. Chinese wisdom for 2016 predicts a wealthy year for the Pig for money, friendship, and for love compatibility. Pigs, look forward to a year much brighter and positive than 2015 was. Pigs are adored and loved by many other Chinese horoscope signs. The Pig is considerate and optimistic, and is also considered to be a lucky sign.

Pigs are considered gentle and sensitive to others. They are warm-hearted, though they can sometimes be short-tempered. They forgive easily and hope to be forgiven easily, in turn. This year will prove to be a positive year for the Pigs who are straightforward, strong, and forgiving toward the mistakes of others, for they realize that that everyone makes mistakes and everyone has problems. They respond with compassion and empathy.

The Pig especially proves lucky in areas of:
Lucky colors: yellow, gray, gold, brown, dark brown
Lucky numbers: 5, 2, 8,11
Lucky flower: Hydrangea

Pigs should avoid green, red, and blue. They should also avoid 1, 3, 9

Goats, Rabbits, and Tigers are the best love combinations for Pigs. They are strong together and work together well when problems arise. They are loyal and true to each other and are encouraging and patient. These combinations with the Pigs have what it takes to create a lifelong relationship full of love, romance, and strength during the hard times.

Pigs should avoid the Monkey and the Snake when considering a romance. The one word between the Pig and the Snake or the Pig and the Monkey is conflict. The Snake will quickly become fickle and will move on to someone else and the Monkey will not be steadfast and patient enough for the Pig. Monkeys are on the move and Snakes do not always tell the whole story. These love matches could hurt the Pig as it is unlikely that an agreement could be made between these two and the Pig in 2016, the year of the Red Fire Monkey.


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