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Thursday, Apr 24.

Ox, you are one of the luckiest Chinese horoscope signs when it comes to love out of the entire Chinese horoscope. However, how is it that you sometimes "seem" to be so unlucky in love? As you ponder that question today, know that ancient Chinese wisdom says that two cannot be unequally yoked within a relationship. Two oxen in a yoke must be of equal strength, stability, and endurance. A strong ox and a weak ox cannot work well together. Since this is the year of the Green Wood Horse, write your desires and dreams for your love in pencil on paper. Search for the "one" that is your soul mate by seeking balance and unity, first.
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Member said about
RockPsychic DR LOGIC

from the time we had she was very good.emily, usa

enjoyed my reading with her, thank youkorr, bc

vEERY INTUITIVEMaria Pritchard, Anglesey, UK

great thanksgina, gillette