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Sunday, Nov 29.

Ox, today is a day for solitude and tranquility. Chinese wisdom teaches the importance of taking time to meditate, pray, or enjoy any other activity that promotes quietude. All signs are introducing something new into their schedules: relaxation time, contemplation time, or just you time. Whatever you call it, take fifteen to forty-five minutes each day in a sacred space that you choose. Choose a quiet comfy corner, your bed, beneath a tree, or anywhere you feel you can go to each day to reflect. Choose a blanket or a pillow if you wish that you ONLY use for this event each day. You will see great calming results.
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Member said about
Lorette DaVinci

interestingAng, USA

This lady is a genuine psychic ...she's spot on with all that she says...very easy to talk sound, unbias advice & I highly recommend her...she's worth every penny you spend...thank you once again for your advice : )Melissa, Singapore

Thank you so much, that was really great reading, you told me all, and also you are honest, that's wonderful. I do really appreciate of all you said, thanks again amazingyleo, j

very in depth reading, right on point! Great reading!legrande1202, fayetteville