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Tuesday, Sep 30.

Ox – 牛 (丑) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Earth) - Your tendency to act conservative is a prominent driver in outcomes. You think twice before taking a risk, so you tend to impede your progress. You delay making a choice because, you cannot assess the real risk. The outcome keeps you from hitting an important goal today. You are still on the path to accomplish your objective, but you have managed to prolong the time. That means you get fewer items accomplished. You second guess your emotions with respect to your partner. That impedes your overall happiness. Get out of the way. Be willing to take on small risks once in a while.
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Member said about
Beridian Arc

Beraidian continually helps me to feel better. When I know I am "off" in some way he is able to not only explain why, but to remove / change the energy that was disturbing me. I cannot explain how he does his work, but it's real, and profound.Ahz, CA

He's helpful! Thank you ~JL, Brisbane Australia

Always nice to get an update from Beraidian. He has helped me so much in understanding the changes in my life.jewelw203, waterbury, ct

great insightful reading. thank youleodragon, tokyo