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Friday, Aug 29.

Ox – 牛 (丑) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Earth) - Do not let the approaching weekend make you upset, Ox. You have projects at home that need your focus. Your partner has quite a list. Many will be long and slow. Make the time to recharge batteries. Even Ox, needs rest. The weekend can be about light duty for you, which may still be very significant work for anyone you know. Just make sure you exhale. It is not all about tirelessly working until you drop. There is life to be lived outside labor. You find it more difficult to judge people harshly if you learn to engage with them. Being part of the world instead of letting it pass you by.
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Member said about
Leslie Psychic

at first it was slow but she came through near the end …hit all the key points i was thinking..she needs her own show..pleasing voice and patient esaudagod, springlake

Accurate, onto the point gave me great advice. B, UK

Leslie is a true Shaman and divine reader. I really appreciate what she has done for me; we connected very well, the reading was accurate to a T!! Her advice from her and her guides were spot on as well. Highly recommend her for any concern! Lynda22, Oh

Thank you for shedding light on the situation and making me laugh about it DebbieF1, Dubai