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Thursday, Jul 31.

Ox – 牛 (丑) (Yin, 2nd Trine, Fixed Element Earth) - Romance is not your strong suit, Ox. You focus on sturdy, functional relationships. It takes time for you to reach a level of intimacy. Today, you feel a rush of love sweep over you. You look at your partner with a different perspective. Your Earth center provides thoughtfulness as you examine the nature of your relationship. Married Ox, you look back across the years to see your love deepen. Single Ox, you recognize your current relationship offers real potential for long term joy. Be willing to let your partner in. Few get inside arm’s length; those that do experience bliss.
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Member said about
Gentleman Jim

Great reader and fast to the point also very good advice. looking forward to see what happens. Thank You.Tigran A., Glendale

Jim is fast and thorough. Very clear. Great reader.carmen, usa

He was quick and straight to the point. He confirmed my gut feelings. I will definitely seek more advice from Jim in the future.Kina Tate, Plano

Jim has been with me since i started my nightmare for the last few months. Week over week I have been seeking clarity from him and he has definitely helped me a lot throughout this turbulent time. Majority of his reading was true and it happened. JW, KL