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Monday, Apr 21.

Head into this week with great strength, of which only you possess, Ox, others are going to need the strength that you have to offer as well, so getting yourself focused will help to keep things moving forward starting today. As the Ox, under the Chinese horoscope, you constantly hold others up on your broad shoulders and help them in many different possible ways. This is a requirement of this world, Ox, without you, things just would not be the same for everyone else, challenges would arise that could not be dealt with. Your strength is a necessity, Ox, use it today and throughout your life to keep things moving.
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MediumDean PsychicCoach

Highly Intuitive and recommend, connected immediatlyB, Anchorage

An excellent readingmebucko29, Somewhere, CT

great readingluckystars, -

Thank you for your reading!Rainbowspirit123, Kiev