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Tuesday, Jan 27.

You have shaken things up very well this year, Monkey, and you need to continue your efforts in pushing things forward and making new acquaintances. Fortunately for you, this new found expenditure of energy has kept you from feeling the need to play pranks on others. With learning how to keep yourself busy in a positive way, you feel no need to play practical jokes and it has helped your relationships blossom naturally. Keep doing what you are doing and make things happen for your betterment. Your family is enjoying the new found freedom when you go out on the town and people are not giving your problems, Monkey.
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Member said about
Beridian Arc

If i could ask for a spiritual guide on this planet this would be the man i choose to guide me and help me in all areas of life, his powers are unmatched ,the results are always positive and real, when you work with this man the energy work he does is real and you will see it for your self and know it was because of him, he does not waste your time and is truely powerful ,god bless him he is one of those people who are very much well gifted a true indigo! please do your self a good deed and try this man his powers will shock you! thankyou my friend!christopher, newyork

Wow what an incredible experience...a reading with Beraidian! We commenced healing processes and set up a programme to start my recovery. He was well spoken, caring and I am pleased to say very willing to share his trade. Thanks5mermaid3, adelaide


I love my healing sessions with Beraidian. He gets my energy back to where it needs to be:) Appreciate his guidance and "homework". Was my third session and it was as though my body knew I needed to see him to release some of this tension...Wonderful healer!!Carrie, Menom