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Sunday, Nov 23.

Monkey – 猴 (申) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Metal) - Concentrate your efforts on quality of life matters, Monkey. You have the capacity to assess those aspects of your life. You need to be willing to make some changes. You know where the shortfalls exist. Of course, you need to recognize the futility in making too many changes at once. Start small. If you undo one old habit or create one new habit you start to gain momentum. Then you can tackle more complex changes. Lay the groundwork today. You want to live a better life. Understand it starts with you. Take in some fresh air. The weather is brisk, but you appreciate the season.
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Member said about

Wayne, you are so always spot on and look forward to giving you feedback when this next stuff happens. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! Tie, Des Moines

In my first reading a couple of weeks ago PsychicWayne predicted me to be with my secret love-interest within two weeks. This helped me open up towards him. In a little more than 1 week we connected!! And since then everything has since gone very fast, and feels amazing! Today PsychicWayne confirms this is my twin flame, just as I have felt. And Wayne tells me this is the one I have been waiting for. I have never been happier. At 49 I am finally with my true love. Thanks Wayne for your help. :-) Blessings Nina, Vestby

OMG!! I love him. he's very good! He was very spot on my fast. he's very fast and detail. At he beginning I was scared of what he will say, but Im so glad that it came out very good. He have so may good prediction about me. I can't wait to get the result. I can really recommend him. He's really good, my money its we'll worth it. Please try him, you will be amaze of what he's capable of.Sarah, Sunnyvale

fab xsamantha , cardiff