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Thursday, Nov 27.

Monkey – 猴 (申) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Metal) - Watch out for jealousy today. You have to understand, there are things you desire that are not yours to have. Be willing to share if it is someone you hold dear. Your attitude determines how bad things can get once you allow negative emotions to drive your statements. Keep a positive outlook. You have the intelligence to accomplish anything. Avoid lying to get what you want. Any attempt to manipulate things behind the scenes results in failure. Hard work is the only way to accomplish what you want to get done. Expect a phone call from family in need. Lend a hand gladly.
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Member said about
Cosmic Sister

Thank you so much! I will keep you posted and updated.... I have so much to think about and lots of decisions to make.... MY heart is so heavy! I really appreciate your honesty and insight!Soulshine, Cali

very on pointbrenda, lawrence

GREATT! She has good vibe ..lunar20, bx

wonderul and so insightful! thank you dearc, B