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Wednesday, Oct 14.

Do not allow yourself to feel negative about what others are saying, Monkey, this is something that is more about jealousy than anything else. Keep on the path that you have been on so far this month and you cannot go wrong. New opportunities will continue to open up for you if you allow yourself to see them and take advantage of them. Everything that you have been seeking is a possibility, Monkey, it is just a matter of you being able to get the things done that are important to you. You are capable of much more than you realize, stay on your path and make things happen that make you feel great. Nothing is out of your reach.
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Member said about
Josephine Bloom

great readinglucky, -

very detailed!! great readinglucky, --

wait 3-weeks/ of info.sndy, usa

Thanks, Very Good Connection...and Reading...Geri, NY