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Thursday, Jul 31.

Monkey – 猴 (申) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Metal) - Monkey in love is driven by passion. There is nothing that assures the end of relations with a Monkey more than monotony. You crave excitement. Putting your partner on a pedestal serves to cause disquiet when they show human flaws. When you were not in a relationship it was easy for you to simply abandon a partner before things got too dull. Look today, toward ways to strengthen, not weaken, existing relationships. Your partner is skilled in providing entertainment for you. Make the effort to show them your appreciation. Recognize your need for their companionship.
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Member said about
Raymond Star

RRaymondStar is great:) he is very detailed and honest:) I will contact him again real soon:) sunny049, Norristown

Interesting perspective. Really very grateful to him. He is kind and wise and thoughtful.Name, City

waiting to see whether the predictions come true.... but he was very correct about my ex boyfriend & my feeling about marriage....Dilini, Kandy

Great reading with Raymond ! Very logical and accurate :)Annibelle888, Belgium