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Tuesday, Oct 21.

Monkey – 猴 (申) (Yang, 1st Trine, Fixed Element Metal) - Do not allow distractions to slow you down. You have been known to chase your tail for no apparent reason. When you get bored, there are no limits to what you will do for entertainment. Focus on the task at hand. You have the intellect to maintain focus; it is the desire that flounders. Take on new tasks at work. Do not allow your mind to become idle. It is in those moments that trouble arises. Make plans for a leisurely lunch. You have wanted to catch up with an old friend. Time constraints annoy you incessantly. Let them know ahead of time they have your undivided attention.
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Member said about
WiseOwl Maggie

always a pleasure having a reading with hermoongirl777, berkeley

she was great... She knew exactly how I felt.Annon, Annin

Thank you so great to chat and have your wise owl words of wisdom xxcapricorn_dancer, Aus

deDeb, d