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For year 2016

Friends & Family

The year of 2016 is predicted to be one of the best years that the Goat has experienced in a long time. Chinese wisdom suggests that Goats follow through with a dream journal and a spiritual journal. These two journals can help you tap into the inner Goat, which will help interactions with friends and family, while helping you grow spiritually and emotionally for yourself. Most individuals look up to you, strong Goat, and feel you are a caring Chinese horoscope sign. Some individuals, however, feel competitive around you. Your instincts will pick up on that negativity and instantly you want to run with it. Let another be in the spotlight this time, Tiger. You have no need to prove who you are to anyone. You only need to prove who you are to yourself.

The Goat proves confident and encouraging in 2016. Be ready, Goat, enjoy a year within which problems get solved within friends and family relationships and new opportunities are offered to you because of your flexible and compassionate attitude.

Appreciate your friends and family. Make lovely memories. Be patient. Love them and be there for them through trials this year. Chinese wisdom says to choose your friends who you feel are better than yourself.

Ancient Chinese proverb:
It takes a little effort to watch a man carry a load.

Money & Finance

Goat, finances in 2016 strictly rely upon yourself. This is the time to formulate your own strategies and to find your niche. You have the amazing mind of an entrepreneur and many Signs will begin their own businesses, but most of them with be the great Dragon building something new. Many will rise to the top this year, for this is a year that is so much more positive than many of the Chinese horoscope signs, especially the Goat, who has experience in many years. One thing to keep in mind is that the Goat should keep their positive confidence in and their negativity out.

This is not the year for toxicity to run a muck. This is the year for you to start building that empire that you have had in your mind for years. Goats are very driven people; perhaps one of the most driven out of the entire Chinese horoscope lineup and they can achieve anything they set their minds to. Recognize that many will try to ride your success train once you get it going. Only choose those who truly deserve to be there. Those who work with you and sweat along with you deserve to be a part of the booty, but those who were negative about you in the first place, to just suddenly turn positive AFTER your success, do not deserve a reward.

When beginning your strategy, start with your overall destination or your overall long-term plan. Get it set in your mind and focus on that. Do not focus on where you are today financially or on where your career is today (or what it is), remember, Chinese wisdom says that it is never too late to begin anew or to reinvent yourself. There are times in this year where you will feel you are dying to self and this is because you will begin new on a new adventure.

Because money and wealth go together, there is a link. But, Chinese wisdom says there is a great difference between the two. One can have money but not wealth, and one can have wealth without money. An individual with a happy home and a family who looks up to him is a wealthy leader, and he may be poor with money. On the other side of the coin, a man can be wealthy with money but have no happiness to show for it or no family or friends to lead. Who do you feel is the better of the two? This is your quest this year, Goat, just as it is for the other Chinese horoscope signs. 2016 is a year for success and a year to celebrate. Choose the steps on this new adventure wisely. Claim it.

Chinese proverb:

The emperor is rich, but he cannot buy one more year.

Love Matches

Chinese wisdom can help any individual to understand the love compatibility of their own horoscope sign. For example, Chinese wisdom says that those animals that are four signs to the right or to the left are compatible and good signs, but animal signs that are six positions to the left or to the right have negative compatibility behaviors, keeping the relationship from succeeding.

The Goat is a strong and persistent Chinese horoscope sign that (according to position) is a good match with the Pig, who is the one of the most compassionate of the Chinese horoscope lineup. Ancient Chinese wisdom states that the very best match in the entire Chinese lineup for the Goat is the one with the Pig. These two have amazing compatibility and are well-balanced with each other. Goats should choose the Horse, also, when considering a love match, before trying out other Chinese horoscope signs. However, knowing the Goat and its thirst for love and knowledge, he/she will try other Chinese horoscope signs in 2016, to test the Goat-Pig theory. Below you will find the love outcomes, and hopefully this list can save you time before getting caught up in the search, Goat.

2016 Love Matches for Goat:

Best Matches: Pig, Rabbit, Horse
Good Match: Tiger, Goat, Monkey
Fair Match: Dragon, Dog
Negative Matches: Rat, Ox


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