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You are probably thinking why the Aztecs mixed in their horoscope animals’ names with a house, a flint, a flower and a sugar cane. The reason why: because for them the house was their temple, the flowers represented the spirit, the animals were the warriors and guardians against evil.Historians say that the Aztecs were a little bit similar to the Vikings because of all the battles that they won. Anthropologist compared them with the Romans and the Greeks because of the large number of deities and archaeologist compared them with the Egyptians because of their huge and incredible pyramids made of stone which even on these days are full of energy and mystery. All over the five continents the Aztecs pyramid of the sun and the pyramid of the moon are famous because they represent male and female image, the good and the bad, the day and the night.

Allow yourself to get involved with this ancient culture.   
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Find out what is your Aztec Horoscope sign:


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Pure Love

This reading was very promising!! thank you for the reading truly appreciate!!Very Promising Reading, Florida

Hello thank u for the email reading response I cannot say all the questions in place tick all the boxes - Only lack of sleep but is now improving Distance from relative is with reason but will be resolved no financial issues etc - i will come to you for 1 energy session to see how it goes and i just need to work out the time diff zone thanks Debbie dgsdebbie, .

Great Reading ..... Looking forwardkays, PA

Great reading !! made me happy like always Muhammad Zahidi, London