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Mazatl - Deer

For year 2016

2016 is going to be a Leap Year this because the month 2nd, February gained one day in 4 years, and of course this year is going to bring; Full Moons, Waxing Moons, Waning Moons, New Moons, the Moon both in its Apogee and on its Perigee. There are going to be comets on each single month so, you will be able to make a wish, the same as with several Meteors Showers that are going to be happening. Both the Sun and the Moon are going to be visiting each single month the 12 houses of the Zodiac, let´s not forget that also the planets love to visit the Constellations and the Zodiac signs. There are going to be a total Sun Eclipse, an Annular Sun Eclipse and 2 Penumbral Moon Eclipses. Because this is going to be a leap year, each one of the Seasons are going to bring you very good and magical things so, do not forget to honor and worship both the Solstices and the Equinoxes. It is going to be a must to make rituals or at least a meditation on every phase of the Moon mostly, during the New and the Full ones because, this Leap Year Moons are going to be totally different. 9 is going to be the number according to numerology so, be sure to honor it, get lottery tickets o raffle tickets with it, to be able to attract prosperity in your life. This year is going to be great when it comes to work, career and school, you will be able to make a lot of changes to improve. Your lucky month during this 2016 is going to be September. Both your mental and physical health are going to be protected during this year, just be sure to take care of your spiritual one. When it comes to abundance, May is going to be your month but, the beginning of Winter is going to give you something close to fortune. Your luckiest months when it comes to love ae going to be; February, April, July and August and the more sad ones; October and September. During the two first months of the year, you will have to make decisions but, balance every single thing before you do it. This year sure is going to be a great one when it comes to fertility in your social and neighborhood circles. During November and December is going to be important to grow in all your life areas.

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Member said about
Janine Wolf Muliana

very good reading. rainbowsnow, usa

She reads very well. Other readers have a terrible time connecting with my energy... they usually tell me wrong information or simply say that they cant read me. Janine was very clear and concise with answers. She will definitely help you. She is so sincere and caring. Other readers may be more concerned about their income, but Janine is genuinely concerned for your well-being. kristopher, hawaii

Thank you very much... It was great :) (y) She was very honest! :)cherry..., ..

Janine, thank you for reading for me. This lady is such an inspiration. I sense purity and kindness from her. Go to her for a reading, you wont be disappointed. Take care. Breanna, Canada