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Member said about

Love her, always come back, super accurate, connects really well. Great advice.MI, Miami

Words fail me as to what to say about Monika, i have been coming to have readings with her over the last few years, she has always been direct and forthcoming with her readings, to date, her predictions have been eerily correct. I have grown as a person and she has been like a lighthouse when the weather has been stormy and grey, its the only way I can describe how much of an impact her readings have had on my life. There have been many times I didn't want to believe what she told me because it wasn't all roses and flower petals. She reads her cards and tells me what she interprets in an unbiased manner. There is no judgement on her part, I have never once felt foolish for any question I have posed to her, All i can is thank you Monika for allowing me to share my hopes, joys, fears and sorrows for the last few years, God bless you! leti, Los angeles

Lovely person. So sweet and very fast answers. ACB, KSQ

Could pick up on my recent situation. SUNFLOWER333, ATLANTA