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Member said about
EXPERT ZEE The psychic

Zee is always "on time" with his responses & guidance. His accuracy is as usual AMAZING!! I will be back for follow-ups!! LOVE YOU Zee!! GOD BLESSNini52, NY

Zee, is sooooo full of great information... LOVE ZEE!! He has sooo much insight about everything & anything. He tells me about things I don't even ask about, and I then find him to be totally accurate when these things happen later. I feel lost sometimes with issues that arise. Zee, gives me clarity, which helps to reaffirm or warn me of upcoming events & how to handle them. Zee get 10 STARS from me!!!Nini52, NY

Zee is AWESOME... His senses are on target... He wastes no time getting to the essence of whatever issue needs to be addressed. All of his intuitiveness is right on... I LOVE Zee. I have been speaking with him for years now... His time frames are always correct & the guidance is loving, and definitely comes true. I will always look for guidance from Zee... He is WONDERFUL.Nini52, NY

He is very calm and gives great advice. He goes straight to the point! Thank you!Chiara, Negombo