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About Us


  • The very first Global Spiritual Community with free chat that connects you with the world's most renowned psychics: astrologers, tarot masters, clairvoyants, healers and many others.
  • They say life is a never ending series of choices. and while most of our decisions are easy to make and become almost automatic, every once in a while we face serious challenges. when confused and in need of some advice, oranum is here to help you find inner strength and wisdom by bringing you clarity.
  • Our slogan is Confused? We have Clarity!
  • Our mission is to help people.
  • Before a private consultation we offer unlimited free chat to our Members, because we do not wish to blindly charge anyone. After a free registration you get unlimited access to free chat area, where you are able to describe your problem to the chosen Psychic. Only when you are sure that the expert is able to help you and everything is prepared for the reading will you start your paid, live and private consultation.
  • We are looking for two qualities in Oranum Psychics: strong spiritual abilities and a great desire to help. We are reviewing hundreds of Psychic profiles daily to bring you the most gifted experts in all methods of esoterics. We thoroughly test each Psychic, however well-known he/she is, to ensure you get the best guidance.
  • We take esoterics to a new level of quality! With Oranum you don't have to worry about spending extra time or money, like when by going to a Psychic, sharing your innermost thoughts on TV, or calling a Psychic on the phone. With 100% safe online credit card payment and a money back policy, you are guaranteed to get what you want right now from the comfort of your home or office (because you can always type and listen... just make sure the boss is not standing behind you).


  • First, register. it is free. click on the registration button in the upper right hand corner. make sure your username is not already taken (it should be between 6 and 16 characters long), and please dont use any special characters. it's very important that your email address be correct, because that's how you will be guaranteed a secure payment online.
  • Second step, choose a Psychic. We have a special offer for you: Free chat! As a registered member, you have the option to chat for free with any online expert. You can ask from the expert to make sure he/she can help you with it, and while the expert prepares for the full reading, you can top up your account with credits. Please don't offend our experts by requesting a free reading; respect their time and wisdom.
  • Third step takes you to the Add Credits button. What is a credit? As you already know, Oranum experts can be reached from any country in the world, so a credit system was introduced to avoid confusion with local currency rates. You will always find the exact amount of transaction on the check-out page.
  • After you added credits to your account, just press the Start Consultation button on the expert's profile page. As soon as you do this, your private reading begins.
  • In private consultation you can continue typing in chat, or use your webcam/microphone to talk and be seen as well. no matter what you choose, you are up for an exiting oranum experience.


  • Oranum's parent company is an international group of companies operating in online business for over 5 years. We guarantee 100% online payment security:
    • Instant credit card purchases
    • Certificated by Visa, Mastercard
    • Card details are not stored on servers
    • Encrypted connection (HTTPS)
    • Certificated by Verisign
    • McAffee daily scan
  • We wish you a pleasant time at oranum.
  • Confused? We Have Clarity!

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sale .Prediction happened(check testimonials)one of top expert,accurate time frame and prediction,love and relationship...

Helped on: 25987




Energy healer, clairvoyant psychic, no tools reader. My prayers are changing life, predictions came to pass. My readings are clear. See my testimonials, and come to have...

Helped on: 2925


US Psychic - Alycia Rose


5☆ PROFESSIONAL ☆ Radio&TV ☆ Authentic ☆ Honest ☆ 30 yrs Exp. ☆ Integrity matters ☆ Cards, Runes, Past Lives, Healing, Remote Viewing, Spirit...

Helped on: 20870


Psychic Jeter


PREDICTION'S COME TO PASS! Energies infectious! No sugar coating, compassionate, loving, and VERY POSITIVE ENERGY! Must see with your own eyes!! One of Oranum's shining...

Helped on: 9399


Graham Elkin



Helped on: 13172